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Garmin 2597 has all features that I need, like:

  • Larger screen is more useful when you’re hurtling down the road at freeway speeds or trying to find your way through an unfamiliar city.
  • Preloaded with detailed street map with millions points of interest (POIs). New maps are available for download up to 4 times per year, for the life of your device. It means I don’t have to spend more money to use this GPS.
  • Lifetime Traffic Information to avoid traffic jam. Great info.

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2597LMT Honest Review

I read on Amazon the other day, some of Garmin 2597 Customer’s sharing his experience in using this GPS.

Review by Lois – This GPS has everything you can think of: Big screen, bluetooth, lane assist, weather, traffic… worth every dollar.
I used it for my motorcycle before I got the Zumo, the only difference is water resistance. Why bother getting a $600 waterproof GPS while this one for a fraction of the price and a waterproof GPS bag do the work great?
I also love the voice commend and the custom mapping
Get it, you will not be disappointed

Review by Morgan – Bought this to replace a Nuvi that was several years old and could use a map update. The 2597LMT has the advantage of now getting free map updates rather than having to buy them individually. But nevermind

Garmin 2597

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that – the improvements to the Nuvi that have been made since my old model are phenomenal. The slim design is much better then the old models that had the fold out antenna at the top. It mounts cleanly and I am quite satisfied with the provided suction cup mounting system.

The voice commands work surprisingly well for me. Occasionally have to say a command a few times, but most of the time the Nuvi really can be operated hands free. There are some street or business names that it doesn’t get correct and they have to be typed in, but the voice recognition works far better than I was expecting. You can easily adjust volume and screen brightness by voice too.

Garmin had never let me down in terms of routing and directions. It usually agrees with Google maps directions. I like the new details of which lane to be in which is handy on the southern California freeways.

Review by Gene Bowker – I purchased the 2597 to replace an older Garmin that did not have traffic built into it. Since moving to the Atlanta area, the traffic feature has become much more important.

This GPS can interact with your Bluetooth smart-phone for increased capabilities including hands-free calling. For my taste, the handsfree calling didn’t work too well as the volume was not loud enough even at Max Volume.

You can also get updated weather and other functions using the Bluetooth connection. I’ve had problems getting the GPS to consistently link up with my Google Nexus smartphone, but those problems can be resolved by restarting the unit. This particularly seems to happen when I get in and out of the car.

I like the new display styles and also that the maps now show railroads.

Review by Patrick – I just had to get on here and put in a review for this GPS. This is an awesome one. I had another brand a few years ago and it was terrible. Kept taking me in a circle and it would take forever to give me a new route when I missed my turn. This Garmin is GREAT. I got it in on Wed and had to go

Garmin 2597LMT

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out of town to somewhere I had never been on Thurs. It was really easy to set up. I used it the next day and had no problems finding where I wanted to go. It told me the lane I needed to be in, and showed a picture of the road sign with the road, to show me which lane. It also says you need to be in the two left lanes or two right lanes. I missed my turn and in no time it told me where to go next to get back on track. That part is really great. It also says the name of the streets you are to turn onto. Some of the names are different then what it says, but that’s because a lot of the streets here has two names. I LOVE this GPS. I will and have recommended it to everyone I talked to. If you are looking for a GPS, get this one, I don’t think you will regret it. It had good reviews from others also. Check it out..

Review by Mark – Purchased the Nuvi 2597LMT to update from old Nuvi 350. Main reason for update was I wanted bigger screen, Bluetooth and updated maps. I bought my old gps in 2006 and worked fine all these years. So going with another garmin Nuvi was a no brainier.

Updated maps are very nice. When I received the GPS there was already an update available. The display and layout OS the map was very easy to read and accurate. The Bluetooth feature works great. I made 3 phone calls as soon as I got to hear the clarity of the caller and made sure they could hear me as well. One phone call was made while I was parked, another while driving on city streets and the last on the highway doing 65mph. All worked perfectly and could hear the caller clearly. Going from 3.5″ screen to 5″ was definitely a major upgrade. The side by side screen to show what lanes to be in is an outstanding feature and works perfectly. It is very user friendly. After 7 years of using the old GPS it was not hard to use the new one.

Live traffic is the only feature that I am not to sure about yet. My wife’s car has stock in dash GPS and uses color codes to show flow of traffic. This is what I expected from this unit but it does not do that. It only gives you alerts that there is traffic ahead and gives you the option to detour around the traffic. For and extra $19.99 you can purchase live traffic to use on the unit.

Smart link is an app that I have on my iPhone that syncs with the GPS through Bluetooth. This feature works great. Ay address you have saved in your contacts can be sent to the GPS automatically. This really saves time with not

Garmin 2597 Traffic Receiver

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having to input and save all your contacts in the GPS. You can also use the app to locate your car from anywhere. The app uses the GPS locating of the phone and the location of the Nuvi to tell you where you parked your car. It will even give you walking direction on how to get back to you car. There is even a feature for you to find public parking areas and lets you know if there is a cost to park there. The app is free on the iTunes App Store.

Some other add-ons that you can purchase are advanced weather and photo live. Each one is $4.99. They allow you to see live weather radar and traffic cameras on the GPS unit.

The reason I gave it 4 stars was the traffic feature. I don’t think you should have to pay an extra $19.99 to have live traffic updates on the map (green, yellow, red lines on the road). Also during my driving I purposely went to high traffic area to see the alerts and how they work and nothing happened. I will update later if the traffic feature works better or I realize I have to turn something on in the settings menu.

*Update*: The traffic seems to be working fine at giving notifications and delays. With the voice commands I seem to have to talk loud for it to register what I am saying but works great. Bluetooth feature still works just fine. Everything works perfectly. The GPS unit actually learns your habits and voice commands. Every morning when I get in the car it gives me traffic update on my route to work before I even start the guidance. Does the same thing when I leave work to go home. Voice command much better the more I use it.